Brazilian cuisine – Pato no tucupi

This is a delicious Brazilian recipe for Duck in Tucupi. This dish is very traditional and comes from the north part of Brazil and derives from the natives in the region. Tucupi is a broth that comes from the cassava or manioc after it has been fermented and processed. The combination of the tucupi broth with the cooked duck gives a delicious unique flavor and texture to the dish.



1 large duck, about 7 lbs.
6 liters Tucupi sauce
6 packets of Jambu
1 packet basil
1 packet chicória do norte
7 cloves garlic
21 pieces of hot peppers
Salt to taste
5 lemons
1/4 liter white wine vinegar


1.To prepare the duck, rinse duck under running water. In a bowl, mix the wine, 3 cloves garlic, lemon juice, white wine vinegar, 1 hot peppers, salt and water.

2. Soak the duck into the mixture and let stand overnight in the refrigerator.

3. Bake the duck in a moderate heat for about 90 minutes.

4. In a pan, cook the tucupi sauce with the remaining peppers, 2 clovers of garlic, basil, salt and chicoria de norte.

5. After the ducks get cold, cut it into 4 pieces.

6. In a pan, put 2 liters of tucupi sauce and boil the duck, until very soft. Then debone and remove skin from cooked duck.

7. To prepare the Jambu, discard the leaves and keep only the stalks. Wash under running water.

8. In saucepan, add salted water and bring it to a boil. Slightly scald jambu, drain and set aside.

9. In a clay pot, put the duck and cover. Little simmer it with the rest of tucupi sauce.

10. The duck is served in the tucupi with some white rice & cassava flour.



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