10 Most Strangest Fruits In The World



Always a crowd-pleaser (due to the fact that cross-sections of the fruit resemble stars), the starfruit grows in tropical climates and has a unique flavor that has been described as a papaya/orange/grapefruit mix.



In spite of the fact that it is known for its incredibly pleasing taste, this fruit smells awful. In fact, it smells so bad that in many Asian establishments (and public transport) it is banned.

Buddha’s hand


Also called the fingered citron, this fruit is often used in Asia for perfume, medicine, and various rituals.

Bitter Gourd


Not all fruits are sweet. This one is grown throughout Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean for its extremely bitter taste!



Mamey sapote is a large and highly ornamental evergreen tree that can reach a height of 15 to 45 meters (49 to 148 ft) at maturity.It is mainly propagated by grafting, which ensures the new plant has the same characteristics as the parent, especially its fruit, as it doesn’t grow true to seed.



Originally from Mexico, this well-loved fruit grows on a cactus and only blossoms at night. It is commonly known as dragon fruit.



Akebia quinata, commonly known as chocolate vine, five-leaf chocolate vine,or five-leaf akebia, is a shrub that is native to Japan, China and Korea, and naturalized in the eastern United States from Georgia to Michigan to Massachusetts

Markut Lime


This Asian fruit has also been called a kaffir lime but the term “kaffir” is offensive in some cultures so The Oxford Companion to Food recommends using the term markut lime instead.



Native to Indonesia, this is one of the best known fruits of southeast Asia. (But if you live in the west, you’ve probably never seen this fruit).



Sometimes just known as “Jack”, this is the largest tree-borne fruit in the world.










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